The rubber and chemical industry

For this industry, we manufacture machines for pouring liquids into bottles and packaging chemicals into unit packages. We create auxiliary equipment for the main process: including conveyors, feeders and other equipment.
We manufacture assembly stations (drilling, cutting, clipping), testing and control machines and special equipment related to the production process (branch application and welding; vacuum suction box transport). We deliver complex laboratory-grade measurement stations, as well as simple instruments to support the employee during the assembly.

Workpiece tests

We build automatic assembly machines supported on-station turntables for the assembly and packaging of components. These systems are semi-automatic equipment for manual loading of components to the assembly socket equipped with safety barriers and discharge chute assembly with good/defective product selection.

In cooperation with the TRUMPF company, we are ready to implement the production laser marking system in your company (laser marking machines).

Scope of services

The assembly equipment we manufacture is very often fitted with measurement and control systems: the typical application of the auto-test is to check the force and displacement relationship during the assembly process (force and travel control).
Assembly machines built by PROMATIK are equipped with pre-assembly component lubrication systems. This is lubrication based on an oil mist fed to the tool or solid grease spot-applied on the components directly before the assembly.
We manufacture industrial hot plate welding machines. Welding units are equipped with a movable two-sided heating plate and a tool dedicated for specific product. Welding equipment with a hot plate enables welding automotive tanks, duct joints and other plastic components.