▮ SUZI welding machine

SUZI welding machine carries out the process of permanent joining of plastic elements, performing it in several stages. Using a set of three servomotors, coupled with interchangeable tools, it performs the following stages of the process: collecting the loaded components, melting the surplus material using a heating plate, joining the components together.

In each stage, the process is monitored and supervised for precision and parameters such as melting temperature or the bonding strength. Thanks to the use of modern motors, the machine ensures precision and repeatability in production, and the replaceable tools and heating plate ensure versatility of applications.

The machine is designed to work with both operators and robots. In cooperation with the operator, the machine ensures high, category III safety, easy and intuitive operation.

The welding machine, thanks to the standard interchangeable tools, allows welding different components on one machine. Due to the differences in structure and shape of the products to be welded, but also due to the different parameters of the welding process resulting from the types of materials, the device is required to operate with different parameters. The welding machine has an extensive functionality for defining work settings. It allows you to define an information package and settings for the welding process and assign it to a specific product by saving it as a so-called reference. The machine’s operator can define a new reference or edit the parameters of a reference entered previously, using the operator panel on dedicated screens.