Electrical industry

For this industry, we build assembly machines, inspection and testing stations. We create semi-automatic checking stations with systems for controlling electrical and electronic parameters.

For example: insulation testing, functional testing of electronic components.

We manufacture assembly stations, testing and inspection machines, and special equipment related to the production process. We deliver complex laboratory-grade measurement stations, as well as simple instruments to support the employee during the assembly.

Workpiece tests

For the electronic industry, we complete orders for assembly equipment with: – automatic assembly screw tightening units (we use DEPRAG, BOSCH);

  • assembly machines for press-fitting and crimping.
  • other machines related to the process of the customer.

On request, we can install the equipment in the ESD zone (anti-electrostatic).

Scope of services

PROMATIK manufactures equipment for checking the final product for industry. These advanced test systems are equipped with measurement instruments and equipment for controlling the functionality and characteristics of the finished product.

The typical control stations we manufacture notably include units for:

  • checking the operating torques and angles of rotary switches;
  • measuring the operating characteristics (resistance-position) of potentiometers;
  • functional testing of the electronic components backlight system: LED backlight brightness and colour measurements, bulb testing;
  • dimensional checks, “geometry” checks;
  • electrical measurements of electronic circuits: current and voltage measurements, electric transition tests, resistance parameter control;
  • dielectric tests, resistance tests and insulation tests.
  • functional testing of the product and permanent marking of the product using inkjet printers or the method of “tampotechnics”.