Household appliances industry

We manufacture assembly stations, testing and inspection machines, and special equipment related to the production process. We deliver complex laboratory-grade measurement stations, as well as simple instruments to support the employee during the assembly.

We create assembly stations and auxiliary equipment for the assembly process.

  • automatic tightening components equipped with angle and torque measurement (we use DEPRAG, BOSCH);
  • radial (orbital) riveting machines, rotary riveting machines with simultaneous single- or multiple-point riveting (preferred supplier of riveting machines: BALTEC);
  • machines for the assembly and auto-test of tightness of the components after assembly (based on ATEQ apparatuses); – assembly machines for press-fitting, crimping, the so-called toxing, pressing and other operations related to the process of the customer.

Workpiece tests

The assembly equipment we manufacture is very often fitted with measurement and control systems: a typical application of the auto-test is to check the force and displacement relationship during the assembly process (force and travel control).Test applications use for example:

  • testing the tightness (by checking the leakage values) of finished components and permanent marking of the product (inkjet printers);
  • testing the tightness (pressure drop in closed container – “volume”) of finished components and permanent marking of the product (inkjet printers).
We manufacture grade and batch feeders, conveyors and interoperational transport equipment. We build new testing stations for industry and upgrade the machines used by our customers.

Scope of Services

PROMATIK transfers automated process lines from the factories located mostly in Western Europe to the factories in Poland. We undertake projects of relocation of automated production lines to Poland. Such tasks are completed by our team of mechanics, electricians and automation engineers. We also provide a functional check of equipment before transfer, line disassembly by our own means, supervision over the loading at the source site by the customer, supervision over the unloading at the destination site, assembly by our own means and start-up and initial start-up test by our own means.
We communicate the knowledge acquired during the above stages to your development and maintenance employees. We also provide the support of automation engineers and programmers during the first production start-ups and for the agreed production time.