checking of the tightness of the components

Tightness test

We manufacture equipment to ensure the checking of the tightness of the components manufactured by your company. The tightness test is a very popular test in the automotive, household appliance, medical, “packaging”, fitting and valve production, and foundry industries.

Leakage testing in the automotive industry are mainly tests of tightness and volume of the components and complete systems, such as: motors, shock absorbers and gas springs, coolers, fuels systems, braking systems, exhaust systems, steering gears and power steering systems, and air conditioning systems.

Leak detection in household appliances consists of tightness and flow control and testing the electrical safety of equipment, such as: gas and electric stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, water dispensers, heating and air conditioning systems. Water and gas fitting manufacturers use tightness tests in the production of items such as: gas and water valves, taps, pumps, reducers, filters, pressure sensors, and safety valves.

Another example are tightness and flow rate controls that can be used in package and medical equipment testing: infusion pumps, drips, syringes, needles, vials, blisters, bottles, containers, tanks, dispensers and sprays.

Types of manufactured machines

We design equipment for tightness testing based on single semi-automatic sockets and automatic turntables. During the semi-automatic tester cycle, the part to check is placed in instrumentation.

Depending on the shape and type of openings, the unit can be equipped with internal seals (for example: filling opening of the washer fluid tank) or external seals (for example pipe opening of the fuel supply). The tightness test stations installed on the turntable starts operation after automatic rotation of the table and feeding of a new part for tightness analysis.

The operation consists of automatic blocking and sealing of the part and in the actual test. Each of the above testers enables the introduction of several types of test related to different variants of the production of the customer. On customer’s request, we can also produce replaceable instrumentation.